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Do you want to have an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience? Join our volunteering program in Nepal?

Nepal is an astonishingly beautiful and diverse country, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali people also foster a wealth of cultural diversity, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year. The nation deserves to take pride in having a unique, and indeed very rich cultural and historical background. Nepal is also an under-developed country, with low rates of literacy, high rates of poverty and a persistent gender imbalance. The government is frequently unable to provide sufficient or adequate education and health facilities in rural areas, and those in urban areas are poorly resourced. The Real Journey Nepal seeks to address these issues of literacy, poverty and gender imbalance. By working in partnership with Nepali communities. The Real Journey Nepal ensures that the progress made is sustainable. The Real Journey Nepal co-ordinates construction, health, environmental and education projects throughout economically poor areas of Nepal. These projects provide opportunities for national and international volunteers to assist in the development of Nepal. Real Journey Nepal also runs a cultural exchange program, Nepali language and cultural classes and a homestay program. Voluntary work in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience. Your efforts can bring great changes in the lives of individual people and the wider community. This can not be said enough. In the difficult times that Nepal is now facing, your contribution of time or resources is extremely valuable.
We invite you to experience the real Nepal, through participation in a The Real Journey Nepal program. Words are ever too limited to express the beauty and attraction of the geographical and cultural landscape, the warmth and generosity of the Nepali people, because it is really a feeling of the heart entering through one’s vision.
Once you take part in our volunteer program in Nepal you will have a life changing experience which will allow you the opportunity to work, help and support people from a totally different cultural environment. You would be able to utilise your life experiences and expertise in a way that would benefit others less fortunate than yourself. From the programme you would further your own skills and knowledge whilst helping others to better themselves. You will learn more about the culture of Nepal.
The Real Journey Nepal invites organisations, individuals, couples, groups, students and experts, as well as senior and young professionals to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved in :