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Embarking on a Meaningful Journey: Rachel Hurdle’s Volunteer Experience with Real Journey Nepal

Welcome to Real Journey Nepal, where impactful volunteering experiences come to life! In 2024, we’re thrilled to introduce our first volunteer, Rachel Hurdle, who hails from the charming city of Southampton, England. Join us as we delve into her enriching journey through the Occupational Therapy Volunteer Program, where cultural immersion, language learning, and hands-on experiences converge.

A Warm Welcome to Nepal

Rachel’s journey with Real Journey Nepal commenced with a heartfelt Nepali welcome, a warm introduction to the rich culture and community she was about to immerse herself in. The first step towards fostering meaningful connections was the comprehensive Nepali language class meticulously designed by our experienced language instructors.

At Real Journey Nepal, we recognize the pivotal role effective communication plays in bridging cultural gaps and forging genuine connections. Understanding and speaking the local language not only enriches the volunteer experience but also demonstrates a sincere commitment to the communities we serve. Therefore, we make it a priority to equip our volunteers with essential language skills, starting from the initial days of their program.

The Nepali language class is more than just a lesson; it’s an interactive experience tailored to the unique needs of our volunteers. From basic greetings and expressions to practical phrases for daily interactions, the curriculum is crafted to provide a foundation for effective communication in various contexts.

The language classes serve as a valuable resource, enabling our volunteers, like Rachel, to navigate their surroundings with confidence. This proficiency not only facilitates smoother interactions but also enhances the overall cultural immersion experience. Volunteers find themselves better equipped to understand the local customs, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute meaningfully to the projects they are involved in.

Beyond the linguistic aspect, these classes create a supportive environment where volunteers can ask questions, seek clarifications, and bond with fellow participants who are sharing a similar cultural learning journey. It’s not just about learning words and phrases; it’s about fostering a sense of camaraderie among volunteers and empowering them to make a genuine impact during their time with Real Journey Nepal.

By instilling this linguistic foundation early on, we aim to break down barriers and empower our volunteers to connect authentically with the communities they are here to support. The Nepali language class is not just an educational component; it’s a gateway to building relationships, understanding local nuances, and truly immersing oneself in the beautiful tapestry of Nepali culture. As Rachel embarks on her volunteering journey, armed with newfound language skills, she is poised to engage meaningfully, contributing not just as an outsider, but as an integral part of the Real Journey Nepal family.

Exploring Nepal’s Rich Cultural Heritage
On the second day, Rachel explored Nepal’s cultural wonders with visits to iconic sites like Swayambhu, Boudhanath, and Pasupatinath Temple. Our expert guides accompanied her, offering insights into the rich history and significance of these cultural landmarks.

Dive into Volunteer Work

On the third day of her journey with Real Journey Nepal, Rachel transitioned from cultural exploration to the heart of our mission – volunteering at the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities. This marks the commencement of her engagement in Real Journey Nepal’s Occupational Therapy Volunteer Program, a pivotal phase where the focus shifts towards making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

The Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities is a haven where children receive specialized care, attention, and support. Real Journey Nepal is dedicated to providing comprehensive services, and Rachel, as an Occupational Therapy volunteer, plays a crucial role in this transformative process. Her presence is not just about assisting; it’s about contributing to the positive changes that empower these children to lead more fulfilling lives.

The Occupational Therapy Volunteer Program at Real Journey Nepal is designed to address the unique needs of each child. Rachel engages in activities that enhance fine motor skills, improve sensory processing, and promote independence in daily activities. The goal is not only to provide therapy but also to create an environment that fosters holistic development, nurturing the physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects of each child.

Beyond Occupational Therapy, Real Journey Nepal offers a spectrum of volunteering opportunities in Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy. This holistic approach recognizes that each child is unique, and their needs may extend beyond one specific therapy type. Volunteers like Rachel have the flexibility to contribute their skills and passion to the area that aligns most with their expertise and the children’s requirements.

Physiotherapy volunteers focus on promoting physical well-being, working with children to improve mobility, coordination, and strength. Speech Therapy volunteers, on the other hand, address communication challenges, helping children develop and refine their language skills. Together, these three pillars – Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech Therapy – form a comprehensive support system that aims to unlock the full potential of every child at the center.

Rachel’s immersion in this vital phase of her volunteering journey is not only about the tasks at hand but also about building relationships and creating a positive and supportive environment for the children. Real Journey Nepal believes in the transformative power of genuine human connections, and Rachel’s presence contributes not only to the children’s well-being but also to the nurturing atmosphere of the center.

As Rachel continues to volunteer, her impact resonates beyond the therapy sessions. It becomes a part of the collective effort at Real Journey Nepal to create a brighter future for these children, fostering a sense of inclusion, empowerment, and joy. The third day marks the beginning of Rachel’s hands-on contribution to our mission – a mission dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

Embark on your own incredible journey with Real Journey Nepal, where purposeful volunteering meets cultural exploration. Join us in Nepal for an unforgettable experience, and make a positive impact in the lives of those who need it the most.