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Hilly Region
Experience the peaceful life and volunteer in the terraced hills of Nepal; still only a short bus trip from the bustling capital of Kathmandu
At a glance: We work in two towns in the Hills area of Nepal which both have particularly good health facilities making it a great choice for those with an interest in working alongside Nepali doctors. However, being within 35 km of Kathmandu, it also suits those who want a volunteering post that mixes rural and urban.

A typical Newari small town surrounded by nearby Tamang villages. It is situated 32 km East of Kathmandu and has long been popular for its natural beauty and ancient traditions. The Himalaya mountains range from the twin crest of Mt. Langtang in the west to the towering mass of Mt. Everest in the east and both can be easily viewed on a clear day. Our volunteers often take short hikes to the surrounding villages including the pleasant half-hour uphill hike to the telecommunication tower. You will walk through a lush forest echoing with the chattering of racquet tailed drongos and turtle doves to come to a temple dedicated to Kali. If you manage to wake up early and get up there in time, it is a sunrise you will remember for years The town’s scenic position and proximity to Kathmandu have made it a popular day trip destination and this has meant a tourist infrastructure of internet cafes and restaurants has grown up. However, you will be living in a simple homestay with a pit toilet and basic facilities. We have following program in Dhulikhel: Teaching in Schools, Health (Clinic, Hospital), Construction, Physiotherapy Hospital
This town is 26 km from Kathmandu along the main Arniko highway to Tibet. The kings of the ancient kingdom of Banepa reached the peak of their power during the 14th century having obtained their wealth from the trade route with China. It is reported that Chinese ambassadors who had been sent to make contact with the rulers of Nepal were captured by the authorities of Banepa. Under the pretense of being the rightful rulers of the whole Kathmandu valley they enjoyed generous gifts from the Chinese for many years. We offer placements in teaching, construction volunteer programs, but uniquely to Banepa, we also offer placements in a deaf school and disabled center. The town is home to the Friends of the Disabled organization who run the Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC). This center provides the best reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation in the country, with its services primarily aimed at disadvantaged and physically challenged children under the age of 16 years. The town is well developed and you can expect a well appointed homestay with a flushing toilet and the possibility of a hot shower. We have following program in Banepa: Teaching in Schools, Health (Clinic, Hospital), Construction, Physiotherapy Hospital Deaf School,